13 Ways to Increase Happiness Within Your Family

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13 Ways to Increase Happiness Within Your Family

Do you want to know how to make your family happier? Here’s the 13 ways to increase happiness within your family. It’s easier than you might think.

Thirteen ways have been proven to work for other families just like yours. And the best part is they don’t cost a thing! Let’s take a look at what these 13 life-changing habits are and how they can transform your family’s life.

1. Hire a Babysitter if You Can Afford It

If not, see if grandparents or other relatives can help out from time to time. Just one evening alone with your spouse can make all the difference in how you feel about your marriage and your life in general!

2. Have Date Night

After the kids go to bed, Even if it’s only once a week, commit to getting out for dinner and some quality alone time with your spouse.

3. Make a Date Night

Have a night that includes the whole family every month or two. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but make sure you plan something fun to get everyone involved in planning and looking forward to.

4. Go On a Picnic

Once a month, Even if it’s just you and your spouse, pack a lunch and take the kids to the park for an afternoon of fun in the sun. This is great for getting everyone else to know each other better, as well!

5. Take One Night

During the week do something fun that is entirely out of the ordinary for your family.

6. Find a New Hobby

Make an activity to enjoy together as a family. Get everyone involved and make sure you’re enjoying yourselves, too! This will help you build memories to last forever—and increase happiness in all four corners of your family.

7. Have the Kids Write Cards

Write down positive things about one family member on note cards. Then drop the cards into a jar and pull them out randomly during dinner time, either to share or take turns reading about each other as you share in your meal together.

8. Make It a Habit

Do something nice for someone else’s child. Go out of your way to point out positive or kind things about them and include them in things you do as a family.

9. Find a Family

A family whose kids are close in age to yours Develop a relationship with them over time.

10. Buy Something for One Another Every Month

It doesn’t have to be expensive! Even if it’s a small toy, a gift card to Starbucks, or a pack of the kids’ favorite candy will bring smiles to everyone.

11. Go On a Nature Hike Once a Month

 learn where food comes from and how our bodies are designed to receive it. Without sugarcoating things, tell them the facts about food and where it comes from. (You can always find a good supplement for this one—or ask me!)

12. Adopt a Pet

Not only do pets provide unconditional love, but they also force you to slow down and play with them—and that’s a priceless gift in today’s busy world!

13. Have a Movie Night

Once a week or every other week, Make pizza, pop some popcorn, and watch your favorite family-friendly movie together.

If you do these things regularly for 30 days, I promise—your entire outlook on life will be changed in ways that will rock (and roll) your world! How will you start making a difference in your own family today?


In conclusion, it cannot be easy to find time for family in today’s fast-paced world. The 13 habits listed are some simple ways to spend quality time with your loved ones without spending any money at all! Whether this is a once every few months activity or something is done weekly, these tips will help you build stronger relationships and increase happiness within your home. Give them a try today and start seeing life from a new perspective after just 30 days following through with these ideas!

By Rosa Norris


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