17 Must-Have Items for Pet-Owners

17 Must-Have Items for Pet-Owners

Toys and treats are just the beginning when it comes to pet supplies. For every pet owner who wants to give their beloved four-legged friend. Here are 17 must-have items for pet owners and products that could make life easier for you and your pet.

1. A Safer Way to Take Walks With Your Pet

If you hate having to carry a leash every time you go for a walk, the WalkyDog could be what you need. This small gadget attaches to your dog’s collar. And uses a twist-and-go throttle mechanism that allows you to control how fast or slow your dog will go while on its walk. It can also give off an alarm so that if anything happens where the dog would stray away from you. It’ll give off sounds for the dog to come back. Just make sure your pet doesn’t get tangled in wires when playing around. Because things might just get dangerous for both of them.

2. An Automatic Feeding System Made Especially for Cats

This product is a great idea for those who are always on the go. And can’t be there to feed their cat. Aside from being a regular feeding bowl, it has an automatic timer. It lets you schedule your cat’s feeding time. It also comes with colorful balls that your pets will surely love. Specially as they chase them around while having their daily meals.

3. A Pet Supply Holder and Self-Watering System

It might not look like much, but this device is actually really useful for pet owners. For those who don’t have the time to water their plants regularly. But want to give their plants, some life in there. The product works by attaching its special nozzle into any standard plant container. And then putting soil or clay pebbles in it so it would fit snugly into the container. The device is highly adjustable and can hold up to four cups of water and four plants at the same time.

4. A Fountain Made Especially for Cats

Cats love drinking from faucets. But it’s not a very good idea since you’re not just giving them fresh, running water; you’re also exposing them to the dangers of germ-filled taps. This cat fountain looks like an ordinary small flat bowl with an elevated saucer in the middle where its spout comes from. It runs quietly without making any dripping or gurgling sounds. So your cats won’t get startled when they hear it while having their drink. Cats who always prefer drinking from moving sources would surely enjoy this product. Especially when it starts spraying some water.

5. A Motion-Activated Cat Toy and Play Mat

This interactive device is great for cats who always love playing with moving things. All you have to do is plug in this product’s motion detector circuit into a power source (like your wall socket). And put its circular mat on the floor where your cat would usually lie around. When any movement passes by it, it’ll make funny sounds. It stimulates activity for the pet so that he or she can play around with it while having their rest time. It’d also be a good idea to leave some toys around. So they’ll have fun any way they want when feeling bored of these toys.


6. A Non-slip Self Ball Launcher for Dogs

Do you hate having those tennis ball rolls everywhere on your floor and hating picking them up every time? This dog toy would be a good solution for this. Unlike other ball launchers, it doesn’t require you to own a tennis ball machine. Because it has a built-in launcher that can roll out balls whenever your dogs are just too excited to have fun while waiting for you to come home from work. You can also adjust its launch distance. So if there’s something wrong with your dog’s ability to catch the ball or throw it back to you, don’t worry; this device will make sure you won’t get exhausted when playing fetch with him or her throughout the day.

7. A Feeding System Specially Designed for Cats

Cats tend not to like eating from their usual bowl. Because they like moving sources of food. This product would make sure your cats have their meals without making an annoying mess around the floor and table. It also comes with a digital timer that can tell you when the cat’s meal is running out, so you’ll always know if it needs refilling or not.

8. A Pet Nail Clipper for Dogs and Cats

A great way to save money from going to the vet all the time is by grooming your dog or cat at home. But knowing how to clip nails correctly is really hard! You won’t believe how many people get injured because of this. Not even for talking about those who accidentally clip off too much of their beloved pets’ nails. So having one of these handy tools would really be a good investment for pet owners who want to save some cash. And have fun while grooming their pets. This nail clipper comes with an LED light and three different-sized moving blades in one package. So you can type any size of animals without wasting time looking for new blades all the time. It also has its own sharpener so you can keep it always ready for use.

9. A Scratching Pad That’ll Last Your Cats’ Claws

Cats love to scratch on things. Especially those made out of cardboard. But these materials wear down eventually, leaving them nowhere else to claw at except furniture or carpets. Which they’re not supposed to do since most people would get tired and buy a new scratching pad just because the previous one wore off already. These specially designed scratchpads can last longer because of its durable material, and it’s relatively bigger so your cats won’t get tired from scratching all day long.

10. A Natural Herbal Flea Spray for Dogs and Cats

Fleas are really troublesome for dogs. Since they just keep on multiplying until the dog owner runs out of patience dealing with these pesky little bloodsuckers. A good solution to this problem is by spraying their fur with some anti-flea products. But you have to make sure that whatever product you use would be safe for them to wear because some chemicals used in other brands tend to be harmful. Resulting in skin burns, allergies or even death if not monitored properly. This product is made using 100% natural herbs, which makes it a safe alternative to other chemical-based anti-flea products. It also comes with an applicator where you can spray the herbs directly onto your pets’ fur. Which is really convenient if you have a lot of dogs or cats that need to be sprayed with this kind of stuff regularly.

11. A Flea Collar for Dogs and Cats

While not as effective as herbal flea sprays, these collars come in handy when your pet has some existing skin infections because it’s capable of calming down their irritated skin while killing fleas already on them by pumping too many toxic chemicals into their bloodstream. They’re made using highly effective insecticides, and they’re pretty inexpensive, so having one of each wouldn’t hurt, just make sure you observe proper flea care so you’ll not have problems with their health in the long run.

12. A Pet Nail Grinder Designed for Dogs and Cats

It’s certainly a lot easier to clip your pet’s nails if they can’t feel any pain while doing it, but before this device was known, there were already people who got injured trying to grind their pets’ nails by visiting or simply through some machine-tool that didn’t work well because of its irregular shape or thickness. This product is made using ultra-sharp stainless steel blades, which won’t cause any harm to your pet once used properly on them, but it should be noted that this tool shouldn’t be used for grinding large dog breeds since its motor may not provide enough power to grind large nails quickly.

13. A Soft-Bristled Dog Brush for Long and Short Fur

Brushing your pets is one of the best things you can do for their health if you want them to be looking their best all the time. This product is specially designed to have longer bristles than those regular dog brushes because dogs with extra fur like German Shepherds or Huskies tend to get tangled easily, resulting in some problems down the road compared to dogs that have shorter hair, so this kind of brush would come in handy when grooming such dogs regularly. It also works great on cats with long hair since they know how much they hate getting anything stuck on their fur, which could lead to tangling, pain, or skin infections.

14. A Reusable Pet Waste Bag Dispenser

We all know that cats and dogs poop; they’re animals after all, so it’s just a matter of time before they do their business on the ground or wherever else they happen to be at the time. Letting them walk around without doing this is bad for both your pets and yourself because you might get some health problems from stepping on such stuff, as well as having your beloved pet infected with all sorts of diseases if you let them walk around without getting rid of such nasty things immediately. These bags aren’t really costly, so it’s best to have one in stock so you’ll not run out any time soon since there are times when we always remember too late about picking up the poop.

15. A Pet Nail Grinder for Cats

Just like dogs, cats also need their claws to be filed down so they won’t get all tangled up in your furniture or accidentally scratch you when trying to play with them. This tool is made using the same ultra-sharp stainless steel blades that will file your cat’s nails smoothly and without causing pain to them, making sure that you’re not one of those people who end up getting scratched by their cats because they forgot or were just too busy doing something else at the time instead of giving their pets some much-needed attention.

16. An Electronic Pest Repeller for All Kinds of Animals

While this product doesn’t work on every kind of animal, it comes in handy when dealing with feral dogs or cats that tend to stalk your backyard and try to pick a fight with your own pets once they notice them. The ultrasonic frequency on this device will not let any animal within its range feel secure since their instincts tell them that something dangerous is lurking somewhere in the area surrounding them. This helps you keep your pets safe inside the house while keeping any unwanted animals away from getting close enough to harm them, so whether it’s cats, dogs, or even squirrels that you’re having problems with right now, an electronic repeller should be able to do the trick for you without spending too much money.

17. A Waterproof Collar for Pets Going Swimming

This odd-looking product is actually a LIFESAVER when your pet can’t swim for some reason or another, and you can be sure that if your pet isn’t a natural-born aquatic animal such as dolphins or whales, then it will need a life jacket just like any other person since they wouldn’t be able to live underwater without drowning anyways. Just make sure not to buy the cheapest model available because these things tend to come in rather odd shapes and sizes which means you will have to choose wisely.

In conclusion, there’s a lot of products out there that will make your life easier when dealing with pets. These include towels, food dishes, and toys, among others. Pets are a great deal of work, but you’ll soon learn to love spending time with them because it’s always an adventure waiting to happen.

By Geoffrey Gilles


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