17 Tips on How to Survive Raising Boys

17 Tips on How to Survive Raising Boys

For every mom with a son, life can be full of challenges. Raising boys is full of fun and laughter but also has its share of drama and difficulties. I’m here to help you with 17 tips on how to survive raising boys​  and to navigate the exciting world of raising them! 

1. They Don’t Always Tell the Truth

It’s not that they’re intentionally lying to you. But generally, boys learn to embellish and exaggerate at an earlier age than girls do — it’s a rite of passage for them. My son will say things like, “My friend Robert said he couldn’t come over today. Because his mom is making him go to the dentist.” — even though I know Robert doesn’t have a dentist’s appointment. Or he’ll tell me, “Chris’ mom said it’s okay if you pick us up at 5:30 instead of 6.”. When Chris’ mom never permitted that time change. Stay calm (most of the time) and remind him of the truth when he remembers it.

2. They’re Aggressive and Competitive With Each Other

Not only do they play rough, but they get into fights too. As a mom, I think this is normal because boys feel like they have to “prove themselves”. It is more challenging than other boys to respect them. As a result, they get into many physical altercations with each other that make you cringe when you hear it happening. My heart goes out to the mom whose son is getting beaten up by another kid in their elementary school — I know how that feels! The only thing we can do is teach them not to hurt each other and let them know that they are the better person if they walk away from a fight.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to do this. When my nephew was four years old, he would get into fights whenever he felt threatened by another kid in his class — I remember visiting one day when he got into a tussle with another boy over a toy they were both trying to play with. He broke the other boy’s nose and chipped his front tooth. My sister (his mom) was livid that he would hurt another child so badly. She had him see a psychiatrist about it, and he eventually outgrew this behavior on his own before going into middle school. 

3. They Will Wait for You to Turn Your Back Then Climb Out of Their Cribs

You think they’re sound asleep, and the next minute they’re standing in front of you looking like they just escaped from a jail cell. The only advice I have is to not let them out of your sight when they are babies — it’s worth the extra effort to keep them in sight at all times. 

4. Tips on How to Survive Raising Boys: They’re Unruly and Hard to Control

But they will still adore you. My son is a bundle of energy, and I have learned that if he doesn’t get his point out daily, he becomes very destructive or irrational. He’ll run around the house like a maniac, yelling at the top of his lungs, and if he doesn’t burn off all of that energy, then he’ll cry uncontrollably for hours. It’s worth it to me as a parent to see the look on his face when he finishes running — I get the biggest smile from him when he sees my eyes light up at the sight of his joy.

5. They Will Destroy Your Things if You Allow Them to Do So

It’s a natural process of their development where they need to get used to having freedom in your house, and it’s just asking for trouble when you provide them with an opportunity to go into another room and break something or throw it across the floor. I found this out the hard way when I allowed him to throw my phone against our brick fireplace. He broke it within seconds and was devastated about what he had done for the next hour.

6. They’re Very Literal

Which means they say precisely what is on their mind at any given moment. Many people don’t like kids who are too “straight-forward” or too “vulgar,” but I find it to be a good quality that they don’t hide their thoughts. That is essential for people to do, especially when you’re in a position of power with them — they will respect you more if you tell the truth and don’t hold back on your feelings.

Tips on how to survive raising boys​? My son has said some bizarre things just from what he’s seen on TV or heard me say — I remember one time when my sister was over at our house, and she asked him, “Where’s your daddy?” He thought for a second, then replied, “He left with his shower caddy.” This made me laugh so hard because he meant he left with his shampoo, conditioner, and soap when she asked him where my husband was.

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7. They’re Susceptible to Being Criticized

When they’re upset, you can tell that instantly by the “stink eye” they give you. The best advice I have is not to criticize them too harshly if they do something wrong, or you’ll create a negative association with that behavior in their minds. It’s the same thing if they do something well — capitalize on it and let them know how proud of them you are!

8. They Will Be Physically Independent at an Earlier Age Than Their Parents Were

I remember when my nephew was three years old, he would be outside by himself in the front yard for hours, or he would be inside sitting on the couch with a blanket over him watching cartoons. As they get older, you have to give them more freedom as long as it’s safe.

One of my favorite memories was when my son was about two years old, and my husband had taken him out for breakfast. By the time they got back home, Jonny had thrown a fork across our dining room table to try and get it to stick in my vase. His father said that “didn’t go over well” when he came on inside to tell me what happened – but that was almost four years ago, and I can’t help but laugh about it now. Kids are curious and have an urge to explore, so give them the freedom to do it as long as they’ll come back when called or until you know that they’ll return without any issues.

9. They Will Build Their Play Structures

My son loves making things out of scrap wood that he finds in our backyard. He uses his imagination and builds forts, fences, steps. Anything. He usually doesn’t ask for my help to do this as well. — He knows exactly what he wants. To build before we even go outside, so I’ll hand him the tools he needs.

10. They Will Show You How They Feel

Another tips on how to survive raising boys, If they’re upset about something you did or didn’t do, they will let you know by pouting. My son throws his body around in a tantrum. And cries when he’s upset — it’s pretty cute to watch because he isn’t violent, but he’ll go into a corner and throw a fit for a few seconds and then come back out just like nothing happened.

11. They Don’t Understand Your Sarcasm

There was this time that I remember when I was on the phone with my mother. I told her that I had a “fun day” after she asked me how mine was. I said it in a sarcastic tone because something unfortunate had happened at work just before she called. But he didn’t understand why I would say anything like that. When it was not true (she thought I meant it was a “fun day” working at my job). It’s hard to teach them now that they’re older. But if you require your kids to use manners. You should also add sarcasm to the list of things they shouldn’t say.

12. They Will Have Weird Friends

My husband is very protective of my son, and I can see why. If my son has a friend over that his father doesn’t know, he’ll ask me to come to pick him up. When they’re done playing. – And I always do because I don’t trust the judgment of some of these kids today. Who don’t have their parents around them 24/7. You never know if your child will go over to your neighbor’s house. And then come home with a piercing or some other crazy thing that you probably shouldn’t let them do.

13. They’ll Remember When You Said They Couldn’t Do Something

My son has always been very independent, and he likes to try new things. But we’ve told him many times not to touch the stove or the pot on it because he’ll get burned. If I’m cooking and have a hot pot/pan out that he can reach, he sometimes tries to touch it without permission. — I used to stop him constantly. But now I just let him try and burn himself (it hasn’t happened yet). Don’t tell your child not to do something if they want to try it. Or if you think they’re old enough. No matter how old your child is, their mind is still developing. — And trying new things in small ways will help them learn about cause and effect (we learned this the hard way with our 1st son, but we’ve corrected that since then).

14. You Can’t Hide Anything From Them

My son has a habit of going through my purse. To see if I have any treats for him – candy, money, etc. — so he can steal it out of there. You’d think that we would hide our valuables somewhere away from kids’ reach. But you’d be wrong — my son knows exactly where to look and how to get it out of the purse.

15. You Can Plan For Something With Your Child

If you’re going on a trip or doing something special as a family, make plans with your kids no. So they’ll look forward to it instead of complaining about being bored when the time comes. I’ve told my son that we’re going to Disneyland in a few months. And he’s always asking about our trip, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise when we’re there (he can tell his friends that we’re going and they think it’s cool).

16. They Will Repeat What You Say

If you say something out loud that you don’t want your child to recite at school, then don’t say it in front of them. I only want my son repeating the words that we’ve taught him. So I tell him not to repeat anything that he hears on television. Or from other kids, if they’re saying something stupid — this probably won’t work, but it’s worth a shot right?

17. You Can’t Do Everything by Yourself

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, then you know how much running around a house cleaning. And doing laundry takes out of you. – Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’ve had far too many headaches from working on the computer all day. While still trying to keep up with my kids. — Thankfully, my husband will pitch in and help out every once in a while so I can take a break.

We’ve given you 17 tips on how to survive raising boys, but what have been your best strategies? Could you share with us in the comments below?

By Geoffrey Gilles

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