25 Things That Make Your Boyfriend the Best

25 Things That Make Your Boyfriend the Best

What makes a guy good boyfriend material? What are qualities that he must have to be able to call himself your man? Are there traits and characteristics of his which will determine whether he is worthy of being in a relationship with you or not? Is it easy to know through first impressions? What are the things that he does which make him stand out from the rest?

What makes a guy good boyfriend material? What are qualities that he must have to be able to call himself your man? Are there traits and characteristics of his which will determine whether he is worthy of being in a relationship with you or not? Is it easy to know through first impressions? What are the things that he does which make him stand out from the rest?


1. He Never Tries to Change You

A good boyfriend will not try to change you. Or force his ways on you, and he will love and accept all aspects of who you are, even if it is someone he has not seen before. In time, he will learn to appreciate the good things about you, and his love for you deepens.

2. He Knows Your Flaws and Loves Them Anyway

A person who is not in love with himself cannot learn to love others. If a guy can look past your mistakes and imperfections, he cares about you. Enough to love you despite your flaws.

3. He Does Not Try to Prove Himself. He Proves His Feelings for You

You can always tell when a man is in love with how he treats you. And how he thinks about you; this is why many women change their men by trying to control them and make them do what they want. A man who loves you would do anything for you. Without even thinking that he may be better off if he were with someone else.

4. He Trusts Your Decisions and Values Your Opinion

Many women out there are always looking to take care of their men by making all the big decisions in life. A good man not only trusts you to make decisions on your own. But also values your opinion as one of his best friends. And as a person who is always in his corner.

5. He Appreciates How Special You Are

A good boyfriend understands that every woman is remarkable in her way and that you are unique. He will not treat you like everyone else. Or use the same kind of lines on you that other women would fall for; he looks at his relationship with you as something special because it is – to him.

6. He Respects Your Opinions and Beliefs Even if He Disagrees With Them

There comes a time in every relationship when you need to talk about certain things that matter to you. If the guy you are with can’t listen to your sides and opinions without making fun of them, he doesn’t deserve someone like you.

7. He Tells You the Truth Even if It Hurts

A good boyfriend will always let you know the truth even if it hurts, and that’s what you need in your relationship, someone who can be honest enough to tell you when something is bothering him instead of doing everything possible to keep things happy.

8. He Does Not Criticize Your Friends or Try to Change Them

If he doesn’t like one of your friends, he will respect the relationship you have, and no matter how much he dislikes that person, he won’t talk about them behind their back. He understands that they are essential to you, and if he doesn’t like something about them, then it is his problem, not yours, and therefore, it should stay between the two of you.

9. He Is Willing to Admit When He Makes a Mistake and Does Not Make Excuses for It

This is one thing that most men seem to have the most challenging time with, taking responsibility when they do something wrong. It is so much easier to turn everything around and make someone else out to be in the bad, but never will a good man do that.

10. He Is Open to Your Friends and Family and Will Always Welcome Them Into His Life

There is nothing more important in a relationship than the support of each other’s families, and so long as your guy does not shy away from his responsibilities, he will be a great boyfriend for you.

11. He Never Tries to Control You or Make You Do Something You Don’t Want to Do

Sometimes men tend to try and control their women by telling them what they should wear, where they should go, who they can talk to, or even how much time they should spend with their friends. A good guy will understand that every woman likes to have her freedom and respect her choices without question.

12. He Does Not Give Up on You Even When the Going Gets Tough

There are certain times in every relationship where things do not go right, but that does not mean that everything is over between you two; a good man will stand by your side and fight until the end.

13. He Is Patient Even When You Are at Your Worst

For all of us women out there, we have our moments where we are in a bad mood, and that does not mean that every man should stop loving us or stop wanting to be with us throughout our bad days. Even when we are at our worst, a good guy will still love us like he always has.

14. He Tries to Make You Feel Pretty and Unique Every Day

No matter how busy he is or how tired he may be, a good man will still make an effort to treat you right. He will never try and make you feel less than what you are; on the contrary, he will always show his love for you in small ways that pull your heartstrings every time.

15. He Does Not Share Private Information About You With Others

If your man shares every little secret or talks that he has with another person, then he’s not the right guy for you because what happens between you two is just that – between the two of you. It should never be shared with other people, no matter how close they are to him.

16. He Is Willing to Move for You

Your man should support your goals and dreams no matter what they are, he will go out of his way to help you achieve them even if it means having to start all over again in another town or state, but that does not mean he regrets doing it because the love he has for you is more excellent.

17. He Does Not Make You Doubt Himself or His Feelings for You

It always seems that the best relationships are built on trust, a man who does not cheat or try and hide things from you will make that trust in your connection, and it will eventually lead to something extraordinary if you both hold on to what you have.

18. He Understands Your Insecurities and Does His Best to Help You Be the Best Person You Can Be

A man must always make sure that he encourages his woman instead of making her feel bad about herself. A good boyfriend will make you believe in yourself so much that it almost feels like he is the one with all of the worries in life. You are who tells him that everything is going to be okay. Sometimes being encouraging means not saying a word, just letting you know he’s there for you through your tough times, even if it seems like nothing is wrong at all.

19. He Loves Spending Time With You, Even When Things Get Tough

Going to the movies, go-karting, or even having a simple picnic in the park sometimes is all you need to make your love feel special; a good man will show his affection most when it counts, not just on dates but any time he gets.

20. He Respects Your Decisions Even When He Disagrees With Them

There will always be a time when you and your partner disagree on something, and you must find someone who will listen to everything you have to say without jumping in before you are finished explaining yourself. Communication should never be cut off if there is a problem; the two of you should always be able to talk about what is bothering you and how you intend to solve it.

21. He Fights for Your Relationship

Your man should always stand up for the two of you if anyone ever attacks either one because that is what makes him a real man – someone who values what he has and will do anything for it.

22. He Makes You Laugh When Everything Around You Is Falling Apart

Someone who can make you laugh when no one else can be someone you hold on to forever, and good men always know how to make us smile even during our worst days because they know that we need it the most.

23. He Is Not Afraid to Show His Feelings for You

A good boyfriend will always be comfortable showing how he feels, and it can go a long way with you. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and if your guy doesn’t mind making a fool out of himself in front of others, you have a keeper.

24. He Makes Sure You Are Always Taken Care of Even When He Is Happy About Something Else in His Life

He makes sure you are always taken care of even when he is happy about something else in his life.

25. He Loves You for Who You Are No Matter What Mistakes Have Been Made in the Past

Love covers a lot of mistakes, and if your boyfriend has decided that he wants to stick around, then he is someone special because not many men can look past all the wrong decisions you’ve made before, but one thing is for sure, he is worth taking a chance on.

This article has given some critical points that can help you find the best boyfriend. You should go through them again and make sure that you took notes on which ones are most important to you so when the time comes to look for a man, you will know what qualities to look for.

By Rosa Norris

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