30 Must Do’s Before the Baby Arrives – The Perfect Checklist!

30 Must Do’s Before the Baby Arrives – The Perfect Checklist!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is such an exciting time in your life as you look to add a new member to your family. Here’s the perfect checklist!

That’s where we come in! We’ve committed to reading every article. Do every task, and visit every website to find the most helpful information out there for you!

This ultimate guide aims to give you a quick reference. To all that needs to be done before the big day arrives. This list provides an easy checklist. So that your most important tasks can happen quickly and easily – without worrying about forgetting something! The time will fly by before you know it. Enjoy the ride!

**Ready? Let’s Get Started With Some Helpful Tips…**

#30: Create a Baby Registry

A registry is an online baby wishlist. That allows family and friends to see what you need or want for your new bundle of joy. It’s a fun way to keep track of all of the adorable things. Gifts from your friends and family have purchased for you!

Creating a registry is as simple as visiting any online store or shopping in-store. Once you’ve decided on everything you want, it’s time to check off #30 on your list. 

A birth plan is like a contract between you, your doctor or midwife, and the hospital. That will outline care during labor and delivery. You don’t need to follow this step by step… it’s just helpful information to know. It includes what can be expected from everyone involved (and helps alleviate unnecessary surprises!) This article contains tips for creating an excellent birth plan checklist and ideas for best preparing for your hospital stay.

#28: Order Your Hospital Bag

What will you need when you arrive at the hospital? The perfect checklist has everything you should consider putting in your hospital bag! Don’t forget to add any special items that are specific to your birth plan, too! After this article, a quick trip to the nearest store (or online shopping) will have you checking off #28 on our list… one step closer to baby!

#27: Create a Library of Favorite Bedtime Stories

Kids love hearing their favorites stories repeatedly. Think about which books were your most favorite as a child. And make sure they’re included in the extensive day activities. If it’s not in the library, you can always sing to your baby. Or tell a unique story of your own!

#26: Record Your Birth Story

Now is a great time to start recording those memorable moments. This article includes tips for keeping track of what happens from beginning to end using video and audio recordings. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the experience without worrying about missing any vital details! (Also a perfect gift idea for future grandparents!) 

#25: Choose a Name

What will you name your new bundle of joy? Make sure this particular task is on your list, so you don’t forget when that time comes! Choosing the perfect name for the newest addition to your family takes plenty of thought. But after you read this article, it’ll be an easy decision!

#24: Another Part of the Perfect Checklist Is Invest in a Great Camera

It’s essential to capture those priceless moments as your little one grows and develops. Look for a camera with great zoom. So that even from a distance, you’ll be able to get clear pictures of the baby.

#23: Do the Baby CPR/First Aid Course

Having a baby means having tiny, delicate fingers and toes. – Not to mention fragile eyelids, ears, and noses. You’ll want to have the skills necessary. To take care of any bumps or bruises they come within their early days (or weeks) home. This blog post includes many suggestions for packing your class field trip bag. And what you can expect to learn during a first aid course.

#22: Host a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a beautiful way for loved ones to get together. Celebrate the new arrival, and give thoughtful gifts. Picking out invitations, planning your guest list, and setting up decorations are all tasks that fit quite nicely into this perfect checklist! After reading through this blog post, your next stop should be the nearest party store or online shopping site!

#21: Plan Your Postpartum Recovery

Will you have help at home after giving birth? Are there any exercises or unique routines that will help with recovery? This article lists tips to help ensure you’re ready for a quick recovery. And an easy return home from the hospital.

#20: Create a Will

Even if you don’t have a family fortune (and most of us don’t!). Your will should be created if something unexpectedly happens to you. In this article, we’ve listed reasons why it’s so important to prepare one for yourself and your loved ones. 

#19: Buy Some New Underwear

When you’re pregnant, everything is all bumpy. And out of place (if you know what I mean). If you’re having a little girl, now’s the time to start stocking up on those adorable pink panties! If you’re expecting a boy… well, it’s not quite as exciting, but there are plenty of attractive options out there for baby boys too! 

#18: Find a Place to Have Baby’s First Photo Shoot

This is so much fun! You won’t want to forget it. Many new parents spend their time feeding, changing diapers, and just looking at that sweet little face all day. Not necessarily taking the time to stop and marvel at how adorable the baby is. A photoshoot will give you a chance to get those professional photos. That make such beautiful gifts for friends and family.

#17: Set Up the Nursery

You’ll want your nursery set up before the baby arrives. So there won’t be any last-minute rush or missing items after delivery. This article includes diaper bag essentials. And tips on what other gear you should have in this special place called the nursery.

#16: Start a Family Cookbook

 It’s always a great idea to be sure you have lots of baby food to feed your little one… but now is a perfect time to start cooking simple recipes for your family’s use. You can store them all together in an extraordinary cookbook that will include stories about the amounts and how they came to be. It’ll make a wonderful gift for grandparents, too! 

#15: Let Your Furry Friend in on the Baby Secrets

Sadly, some pets don’t survive long after their owners give birth. If you’re leaving your pet with someone else while you’re in the hospital or going away for a while – it’s worth taking the time to prepare them for the significant change! This article includes tips on how to get your pet ready so that they’re comfortable and safe as soon as you leave. 

#14: Print Out Your Favorite Childhood Photos

Do you have old photos from when you were younger? It’s a beautiful idea to make copies of them or scan them in so that you can create a slideshow for the baby. There are tons of ways to do this, whether printing them off on regular paper or creating a picture book. We’ve shared two simple methods for making your photo albums or books with nostalgic images in this blog post.

#13: Make a Memory Book

You’ll spend months keeping track of all sorts of details about your pregnancy. It makes sense to reach a point where you want to stop documenting it all and appreciate what’s happened so far. Making a memory book with your partner or best friend is a great way to do this because there will be plenty of room for pictures, notes, and stories about the journey to parenthood. Here are some ideas on how to create one. The perfect checklist!

#12: Decide on a New Name

Have you picked out a name yet? Picking out characters can be fun but also stressful! There are lots of baby naming websites that have lists of popular first names and tips on choosing the perfect name for your family. If you’re having trouble picking it out… don’t worry; there’s no rush! You can leave this one for later in the pregnancy. 

#11: Get Your Photographs Turned Into a Calendar

You’re going to have tons of pictures from your pregnancy. It’s always fun to have them all organized into an extraordinary photo calendar that you can look back at years later and remember how excited you were about having little ones around the house! There are lots of great options out there for creating calendars.  

#10: Create an Emergency Baby Kit

Having an emergency kit on hand for when the baby arrives is a great idea since it’ll be helpful if something unexpected happens during or after delivery. Consider some things like pain relievers, breast pads, infant Tylenol, and even games and toys to pass the time. 

#9: Create a Baby Registry

 If you’re planning to buy baby gifts from a store, it makes sense to create a registry so that your friends and family know what you want! Although there are tons of websites out there now that offer this service… some people prefer to use an old-school pen and paper list for their registry. This article has plenty of tips for creating your version of an “old school” baby registry. 

#8: Host a New Baby Shower

It’s always fun to be around other expecting parents when you’re hoping to, whether it just be for moral support or to share ideas about parenting a newborn. In this article, we’ve shared some great ideas for hosting a baby shower or New Baby party – make sure you give it enough time to put together! Because schedules change, and no one wants an event that doesn’t happen at the right time. 

#7: Join a Pregnancy Support Group

The perfect checklist is to check with your hospital or local community center to find out if they have any pregnancy support groups available. There are tons of great benefits to being around other expecting moms, like learning how they’re preparing for the big day and getting valuable tips on all sorts of topics. 

#6: Think About Your Child’s Upcoming Name Change

Even though this article focuses on naming your little ones after birth… it’s helpful to consider what will happen down the road too! Will you be the only one with your last name, or will it be changed? Will, there be a middle name involved, and if so… what will it be? These are questions that many expecting parents wonder about. 

#5: Create a List of Baby Names

Have you decided on any names yet? If not, this article gives plenty of tips for creating your perfect checklist of baby names. Babies don’t need to have unique names to fit into your family’s culture; sometimes, common or popular first names are great for little ones too! 

#4: Get the Entryway Organized for When There Are Strollers and Car Seats

This is a fantastic project to work on now because having an organized entryway will be super helpful when a baby becomes a toddler. There’s even more stuff to carry around! Here are some ideas for creating a tidy entry. 

#3: Register for Going-Home Outfit and Cute Headbands

You can’t go wrong with anything pink or blue. Some of the best going-home outfits include onesies or little dresses from newborns up to size six months… as well as cute headbands (since babies don’t have hair yet!). Consider getting these things ahead of time so that you’re prepared for your little one’s arrival. 

#2: Update Your Cell Phone Service

If you need another reason to get your phone plan changed, here’s a good one: you’ll need to have access to a phone when the baby arrives at the hospital! Although cell phones are not typically allowed in the delivery room… there might be an exception made for parents using their phones to call family and friends. It also makes sense to check on your plan since you may get more messaging or data usage if you’re calling friends and family all the time. 

#1: Get an Emergency Kit Ready for Baby

Having an emergency kit ready for your newborn is a great idea… it will help contain any messes that happen while you’re caring for them (spit-up, diaper blowouts, etc.). This article has some great tips for putting together an emergency kit for your little one. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these 30 things to do before the baby arrives – now, let’s get down to the main reason we’re here… which is to have a great pregnancy with lots of fun moments and memorable experiences for you and your family!

By Geoffrey Gilles

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