Disgusting! Click Here to Read All About It!

Disgusting! Click Here to Read All About It!

Disgusting! As pet owners, it can be frustrating to clean up after your furry friend. It’s even more frustrating when they shed everywhere! While many people think that pets shed because of the season or because they are in pain, this isn’t always the case. The following is a list of reasons why a pet might be shedding and how you can help prevent them from doing so.

Pet’s Diet

There are many factors that affect a pet’s shedding, including their diet. A complete and high-quality protein source is one way to help reduce hair loss in your pet. Vitamins can also be added to the food for additional benefits, such as preventing scratching or helping with dry skin.

Coat Type

Another factor that affects a pet’s shedding is their coat type. Dogs with shorter coats such as poodles will usually shed less, but they are also more prone to sunburns. Long-haired breeds like the Siberian husky or German shepherd can have double the amount of hair loss and require more intensive brushing sessions to prevent mats from forming in their fur.


Pets can also shed due to stress. When the pet feels anxious or stressed, they might start scratching more at their own skin in an attempt to relieve themselves of that anxiety. This will cause excessive hair loss and a lot of shedding as well. Bringing your pets outside on walks often is one way to help them stay calm when they are feeling anxious.


Sometimes, a pet’s shedding can be due to an illness they might have, such as mange or parasitic mites that will cause excessive hair loss and more frequent bathing sessions to help treat the problem.

Seasonal Allergies

Pets can also suffer from seasonal allergies, which cause itching all over their body, leading to excessive shedding and an itchy coat that scratches at their skin.

Excessive Grooming

If a pet has been excessively groomed or brushed in the past few weeks before you notice more hair loss, this could be what’s causing your furry friend to shed so much. The best way to help reduce these symptoms is by reducing the number of grooming sessions you give your pet.

Grooming Tools

If you are using brushes or combs with very sharp blades, these can cause scratching at the skin and more hair loss. Switching to a brush made out of smooth materials such as rubber instead could help reduce this problem.


Another way that pets can shed more is because of anxiety. Anxiety can be caused by a variety of things such as stress, separation from the owner or other pets in their home, medical problems, and environmental changes. It’s important to monitor your pet for symptoms like excessive scratching at skin, excess licking (can’t decide if it’s due to dryness or allergies), drooling, or other signs.


One way to help prevent your pet from shedding excessively is by giving them a diet that has high protein and vitamin content. They should also have access to an area in the house where they can lay down and relax if they are feeling anxious. When you notice excessive shedding, it’s important to bring them to the vet for an examination as this could be a sign of an illness or other problem. It’s also important not to groom them too much and when you do groom them, use brushes or combs with non-sharp blades.


There are a lot of different products on the market that can help with shedding. For example, there is a product called Shed Defender that you can use to put around your dog’s neck.


is another product that you can buy to help with shedding. It’s a topical foam that goes on the skin and pores. You have to apply it every day for about four weeks before you see any results. The idea behind Pawmaxx is that it coats the hair and removes most of it when the dog sheds their fur.

Shed Defender

I have a cat, and she sheds like crazy. I’m always vacuuming the house, but it feels like this never-ending battle with hair that just gets everywhere. It’s disgusting! So when I saw my friend on a Facebook post about Shed Defender, I was so excited because it seemed to be an answer for all of my problems.

I ordered Shed Defender, and after about a month, I saw that it had really helped. It’s not like the hair is gone, but there are definitely fewer piles of fur in my house now. That means no more vacuuming! And because Shed Defender has vitamin E, Omega-Fatty Acids, Jojoba Oil, and Coconut Oil, it’s really moisturizing, and my cat doesn’t seem to have any problems with hairballs.

It can be really frustrating when your pet sheds a lot or is often anxious. If you have these problems, make sure to get help from the vet. There are also lots of products on the market that might help with shedding. I think Shed Defender has been the best one so far, and I recommend it!

By Geoffrey Gilles

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