How Technology Has Changed Parenting

How Technology Has Changed Parenting

Children born after 1990 have a completely different experience than those born before. The world is now a computer screen that we can touch, and this new world has brought about some major changes in the way we raise children. How technology has changed parenting?

Here are ten ways in which our new digital age has affected the way we parent.

1) We Don’t Just Nurture Them, We Teach Them How to Be Smart With Technology

Technology is a tool that must be taught just like anything else. All parents have to teach their children how to handle and use it correctly. Being a proactive parent, teaching your child about technology and how to use it is a sign of good parenting.

2) We Teach Them About Cyberbullying

Along with cyberbullying prevention, parents should also teach children how to recognize cyberbullying behavior and what to do if it happens to them or someone they know. Teaching children early helps them understand what cyberbullying is and how to avoid it.

3) We Consider That They Might Have Online Friends, but Not Offline Ones

Real friendships are made more difficult by social media sites such as Facebook. Parents should make sure their children know the difference between real friends they can trust versus online friends formed on these virtual communities who may not exist in the real world.

4) We Protect Them From Online Predators

Most parents do not realize how susceptible their children are to online predators until they experience it firsthand with their own child, as many have already done. They teach them that anything they put into the universe can be used against them and even endanger their lives.

5) We Don’t Just Limit Their Phone Time. We Limit Their Computer Time as Well

Computer time was not something parents ever had to monitor before the rise of computers and technology in the home. It is an everyday thing that we must keep track of, just like we do their phones and other devices.

6) We Consider Our Kids as Digital Citizens—Not Just Physical Ones

Our children are citizens of the world now, so we should help them keep up with everything happening online in addition to what is going on around them physically. Helping our kids learn how digital citizenship works and why it’s important could save their lives or at least prevent.

7) We Give Them Privacy at the Same Time as Safety

Privacy has always been a big concern for parents when it comes to their children. But now that technology has advanced, and we can see what our kids are doing at all times, the invasion of privacy has caused many problems in relationships and even legal cases.

8) We Consider How Their Sensitive Data Is Being Used for Advertising Purposes

Because technology companies have access to so much information, they can use it for their own monetary gain. This is why we should teach our children to be aware that everything they do online, from what sites they visit what digital and personal information they give out, is being used in some way by companies looking for more customers.

9) We Consider How Important a Solid Education Is, but How Much Technology Can Help Them

Technology should be a tool that can help children learn. It is up to parents to provide this opportunity for their children in many different ways. Many of today’s schools lack technology, and it has become one of the largest problems facing education at every level.

10) We Make Sure They Know How to Be Safe Around the Digital World

Whether a child’s first phone call or their first computer session, make sure they know how to be safe and secure while using these new technologies. Many dangers go along with the world of digital technology, including internet predators, cyberbullying, sexting, and more.

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By Rosa Norris

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