How to Be a Better Father in the Era of Modern Technology

How to Be a Better Father in the Era of Modern Technology

How to be a better father in the era of modern technology?  You know that feeling when you get a new gadget? That’s how I felt when I got my new phone. It was sleek, and it had all the latest features. So I couldn’t wait to show it off! As soon as my wife saw me scrolling through the menu, she said, “don’t forget about your kids!”. Now, don’t get me wrong – we love our children very much. But in today’s day and age, with everything going on at home and work, sometimes they can fall by the wayside.

So what are some things that can help us be better fathers while still keeping up with technology? Let’s take a look at these items.

Wireless Headphones

These are great for watching a movie on your tablet, listening to music while doing chores, or even playing games. You can still stay connected with the family. And have some downtime when you need it! Just make sure that everyone has their own set, so they don’t get in each other’s way.

Bluetooth Speaker

This is perfect for streaming Spotify through all of the rooms at once without having to pull out one card from another device. Plus, now there aren’t any wires laying around everywhere getting tangled up. – I hate that!

Portable Phone Charger

Whether we’re working long hours outside of the house or taking care of our kids late into the night, sometimes we forget to charge our phones. Sometimes we don’t even have a place to plug it in! This is the perfect solution for those times when you need just enough juice to make that important call or send an email. And can be recharged up anywhere, any time, with help from this gadget.


A smart watch can do so much more than what meets the eye. – like tracking your sleep patterns (so your partner knows if they’re waking you up too often!). And let others know where you are as long as they have location services enabled on their device. It also shows notifications of incoming messages, which is great for dads who want to keep connected while still spending some quality time with their families.

A new study published in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology found that fathers who spend more time with their children are less stressed. The researchers from Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University assessed 93 couples, all of whom were married or living together for at least one year. They discovered that dads had lower levels of cortisol. If they spent significant amounts of time caring for their kids. This is not true for moms, who experience a spike in stress hormones when they take care of both work and childcare responsibilities.

It’s Important to Maintain a Healthy Balance Between Parental Roles So as Not to Create Additional Stress on either Parent

 Many app developers have created apps specifically tailored towards parents. To help them keep track of their children, even when separated by distance.

My Buddy

“My Buddy” is an app that uses GPS to track your child’s location with a map. It can send alerts if the tracker moves outside of designated areas. And sends an alert to notify you when they come home. It also has features for allowing parents to see their children’s text messages or monitor social media accounts.


Showing love to children

Remind & Track School Bus

“Remind & Track School Bus” allows people in rural regions where school buses don’t stop at every house on the route; it tracks which kids are picked up by bus, so families know whether theirs was left behind or not. Parents receive notifications about upcoming stops as well as what time their child will be allowed off the bus. In addition, this service provides information about weather delays and closings.

“Waze” is a GPS app that integrates with Google Maps and provides real-time traffic updates. Users can also report accidents or police activity on the road as well as detours to help other drivers avoid the same area. This application has been lauded for its ability to provide an easy way of navigating difficult areas in a timely manner – such as driving through bad weather when visibility is poor.

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By Geoffrey Gilles

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