How to Encourage Your Child to Play Sports

How to Encourage Your Child to Play Sports

How to encourage your child to play sports? Sports are a great way to build self-esteem! According to the American Academy of Pediatrics: “Sports provide… opportunities for healthy competition, mastery of new skills, and self-confidence.” Sports also provide an opportunity for socialization and teamwork. 

What Is Your Child’s Favorite Sport?

Encourage them to play it! Sports are a great way to build self-esteem, showmanship, and communication skills. There is something for every age: Soccer (from 3-12), basketball (from 5-13), baseball/softball (for ages 6-16). Even the elderly can play sports such as golf, bowling, or tennis. 

Sports such as swimming, dance, gymnastics, and track all provide great opportunities for physical activity!!! With sports, it will help build strength, endurance, self-confidence, and social skills. It also keeps kids from becoming overweight and obese because it helps improve muscle tone. Children with sports consider it a fun way to exercise!

How Can You Encourage Your Child to Play Sports?

Make sure your child has fun! Sports are a great way to exercise, socialize and strengthen the body. It’s also a skill that will last them (hopefully) forever! Sports can teach children life lessons: Sports teaches children how others perceive them; it helps build self-esteem and confidence to succeed on the field/on the court. They are also a good way to relax and spend time with friends and family.

Most of the time Sports are a healthy alternative to the TV or video games because instead of sitting there and doing nothing, children can run around outside! It is definitely a fun way to exercise! It helps you lose weight if you’re struggling with your weight. Strengthens the heart muscle; it helps your body stay in shape; Tones muscles. And it burns calories and keeps one fit! Sports can help build self-esteem and confidence to succeed on the field/on the court. Sports are also a good way to relax and spend time with friends and family.


My Child Is Afraid to Play Sports

Have your child practice at home. If your child has a fear of playing sports, see how they feel about practicing their favorite sport at home. Encourage them to run around the house, shoot some baskets or kick the ball into the net. If they feel comfortable doing it at home, encourage them to do it outside.

If you’re looking for a sport that has more than one gender participating (say, baseball), have your child watch some games! Showing your child how fun the game is might make them want to play! Join the sports team as a family. Get your whole family involved in the sport. Your child will have a support system, and it makes them feel more comfortable going to practices or games!

Give rewards. If your child is afraid of playing sports, they might be worried that they aren’t good at it. Give them little “rewards” for improvements, such as an ice cream cone or a trip to the park. Don’t give them too much…you don’t want to spoil them! Make it something small that will encourage them to keep practicing over and over again!

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My Child Never Has Time for Sports

Why do you have so many activities? Figure out what is important and cut back on the unimportant stuff. There are a million activities out there for children to be involved with, and it can sometimes get overwhelming!

Keep your child active. It is important that they stay active so they can have fun and enjoy themselves, both in school and at home. Find what works for you and your child! If you’re trying to get into a sport that requires much travelling, tell your child that they can’t participate until they have more time in their schedule.

This Is Hard for Me to Say: “No.” as a Parent

The best way around this is, to be honest with them about why you are saying no and what it is that they need to do to be able to participate. My children are involved in many activities, and sometimes it’s hard to get them to help with the household chores or homework! There is always a way around this. Here are some things you can do:

Check your calendar and see what practices/games overlap. Give a heads up to your child’s coach and see if the practices/game can be switched around.

Thank you for reading! Sports provide several benefits, including team building, good exercise, and self-confidence.

By Geoffrey Gilles

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