How to Get Your Kids Excited About Dinnertime

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How to Get Your Kids Excited About Dinnertime

How to get your kids excited about dinnertime? No one can deny that kids are a little opinionated. Their creativity is boundless, but it doesn’t always stretch to the dinner table. Whether they’re tired of the same old pasta or just not impressed because mom’s cooking skills aren’t up to par, getting them on board with mealtime can be challenging. To make sure your child is eating dinner with gusto, try some of these tips.

#1. Make Food Fun!

Toddlers love dressing up, so feel free to get down on the floor and have them give you a piggyback ride while wearing their favorite chef hats. It’s bound to be a hit!

#2. Set the Scene

Make dinnertime magical with colorful placemats, glittery dishes, and music from their favorite movie or song. Play it on your phone through headphones to make sure they hear it clearly – remember, and you want them laughing and having fun!

#3. Be Adventurous

Stuffing ravioli with Play-Doh is sure to be a hit, and it’s OK if they don’t like it the first time; you can never go wrong with variety. If that doesn’t get them excited about dinner, try putting their favorite toy on top of their food. Anything goes at dinnertime!

#4. Greenery

Try putting a leafy green garnish on your kid’s dinner plate – they’ll be too busy saying its name out loud and making funny faces to notice that it tastes terrible! If the garnish doesn’t grab their attention, talk about the importance of getting plenty of nutrition from their food. It may be a little bland, but they’ll learn to love it in the end!

#5. Play Bingo

Make your own bingo cards with pictures of vegetables (or foods you know your child won’t eat.) No one can resist the fun of playing bingo – if they get bored, mix things up and try saying a number instead. You can never go wrong with bingo!

#6. Get Involved

As soon as they start eating, join in on the fun by covering your face and making funny faces at them – teach them that this is how you enjoy dinner time, and they’ll pick it up in no time! Before long, they’ll be doing the same thing and will love eating out of a fun, interactive bowl.

#7. Make It Special

Wear a funny hat or outfit as you cook dinner – let them know that when they pull their chair up to the table, they’re about to enjoy something special just for them! The best way to get kids excited about dinner is to let them know it’s all about them.

#8. Share the Fun

Turn your phone into a toy by setting it up as a speaker and playing music for everyone at the table – or play games like Bop It™, who can find mommy? Or Hungry Hippos™ while you wait for food to finish cooking.

#9. Fun With Food

Teach your child how to make funny faces with their food – cut a piece of cheese into the shape of an animal and let them decorate it however they like, or stick bananas under their chin to look like a monkey’s face! It’ll be the talk of dinner time for days – and no one will notice that you’re feeding them healthy food.

#10. Make It a Show

Give your child their own spotlight while everyone else is eating by putting them in a chair on top of the table – or a smaller table nearby if they’re still too young to balance on their own. Treat them like a star as they perform silly dances and tell jokes about your favorite foods. Make sure everyone knows how much fun dinnertime is!

There it is, 10 ways to get your kids excited about dinner – but did you notice that every one of these ideas still has them eating healthy food?

By Rosa Norris

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