How to Introduce a New Puppy Into Your Family

How to Introduce a New Puppy Into Your Family

Whether you got a new puppy as a family or for yourself, introducing him/her to the family can be a daunting process. With this article, I hope that it will make the task easier for both the puppy and new owner!

How to Introduce a New Puppy Into Your Family?

If the whole family has decided on getting a dog, it is important that everyone in the family come together. To pick out the puppy. The first thing that you should do after coming home with your new puppy is getting them used to their new home. This can be done by taking the puppy here and there to smell the new house. It is also good for the puppy to be exposed to other family members. Especially children so that it can get used to their scent (as well as vice versa).

The puppy will have a much better time adjusting if he/she has always been with you wherever you go. Instead of being left in the backyard or tied up in a room. If your puppy is old enough, he/she should be included in family activities.

Building a Closer Bond Between the New Puppy and Your Family Will Make It Easier for You

To train them without fearing that they may get upset and lash out at someone because of their frustrations. It is also important to have lots of toys around the house for the puppy to chew on. This will keep them from chewing your shoes. As well as giving them something else to focus on when they get too hyper.

Since a new puppy will be expected to sleep in your room at night, make sure that you have lots of blankets and pillows around so that he/she can curl up in the corner. They can be as picky about their sleeping arrangements as we are, so you should accommodate them accordingly!

It Is Also Important That You Reward Your Puppy When They Do Something Good

This can help build a closer bond between the two of you and help with training as well. However, do not shower your puppy with too much affection without giving them a chance to do something good.

Over time, you should be able to see your puppy developing into a loving family member!

By Geoffrey Gilles

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