How to Make Your Home More Child Friendly

How to Make Your Home More Child Friendly

How to make your home more child-friendly? The first step to making your home more child-friendly is evaluating the space. And what you need it for. If you are expecting a baby or have one on the way, some basic considerations such as the safety of furniture, outlets, and other hazards will help keep them safe. Even if you don’t have children living in your house now, but anticipate having them at some point in the future, it is always good to plan. So when they arrive, everything is ready. For those who already have kids running around their home, here are a few ideas for how to make life easier.

#1 Make Sure All Toilets Have Locks on Them!

This may seem like an obvious one, but I can tell you from experience that once you have kids getting to those locks can be a challenge. It is incredible how much time you will spend on your knees trying to open the bathroom door. And then prying through all the towels, bathrobes, etc., just to get the door unlocked so you can get by!

#2 Anytime There Are Breakable Items Around Kids, Remember That They Will Be Pulled Down Regularly

A good trick is to install the type of hooks used in commercial settings. So you can hang pictures, collectibles, etc., on the wall. Set it up directly without having to worry about them being broken. When your toddler inevitably uses them for pull-ups and swings!

#3 if You Have a Garage Door and It Is Not Automatic, It Will Be Opened Often

Try to make access to the switch easy. So that when your child accidentally hits the button while playing in their room, they won’t startle themselves by getting trapped outside. What are the other ways on how to make your home more child-friendly?

#4 Don’t Forget That Windows Need Protection From Little Ones

Little ones who are starting to discover the joys of climbing and leaning on furniture. All it takes is for them to lean up against a window one time while you aren’t watching when they fall. Because they don’t have something there to hold onto. And that could be devastating!

#5 Floors (Especially Tile and Hardwood) Can Be Dangerous for Babies

Be careful with babies whose little legs have not even learned to crawl yet, much less walk. Place “toys” strategically around so that if they do fall, they are more protected. Little foam mats work well. As will throw rugs or pillows of any.

#6 Speaking of Potential Danger, Anytime There Is an Outlet or Other Electrical Item That Could Cause Harm to Your Child

Do yourself a favor and turn the power off or put it up high. Kids are curious, and they will investigate anything. Including how far an electricity can jump out at them!

#7 and if There Is a Potential Food Danger in Your Houses, Such as Cleaning Supplies or Medicines, Etc.

Invest in some child-proof containers for the kitchen. Yes, they cost money. But if it keeps your kids out of the medicine cabinet, then you will be glad you did!

#8 One More Tip on Food: Please Install a High Chair That Is Easy to Clean and Sanitize

Keep them from eating off the floor. Or climbing up to the table. It is so much easier to wipe the high chair down. Than to figure out how to clean up the floor if they did eat off it!

#9 Consider if a Television Is a Good Thing

Many people think about purchasing a TV for their kids as something that goes in their bedrooms (not always a bad idea). But try to think beyond that. TVs in other rooms such as the living room, den, or family room can be a big help. For families who may need to get some downtime away from their kids. Having an outlet close by is critical!

I hope this can be an excellent guide. For anyone thinking about starting a family and wants to make their home more child-friendly. The tips are easy to implement. So you’ll have the peace of mind that your new addition will be safe when they arrive! If this article has given you some ideas, or if you want help implementing these principles in your own home, then contact us today. We love working with families who understand how important it is to keep up standards even before children come along!

By Rosa Norris

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