How to Survive Disney World With Your Kids

How to Survive Disney World With Your Kids

How to survive Disney World with your kids? Disney World is one of the most magical places on Earth. You can walk down Main Street U.S.A., go to a princess breakfast, and see what it’s like to be in the middle of an action-packed Disney movie! But let’s face it: this is not everyone’s idea of a good time. I mean, how do you keep your kids entertained for hours at a time? How do parents manage toddlers throwing tantrums? What about all those rides that are way too scary for little kids? This blog post will show you everything you need to know before heading off into the wilds of Disney World with your family in tow!

General Tips:

1.  Make your reservations six months to a year in advance, even for off-season days and times

2.  Book your fast passes ASAP – (they are the tickets that let you skip the lines at rides). It’s always better to book them early because they go fast! You can download an app that will give you wait times and tell you which rides have 2+ hour waits. If it says “reserve fast pass,” then there is availability!

3.  Try to book hotel rooms at Downtown Disney – They are newer and nicer than other hotels on the property. They also have a free bus service going back & forth from all of the parks and resorts!

4.  If you have little kids, bring their favorite movie, book, or stuffed animal. You can get them to fall asleep so much quicker, and they will sleep longer too!

5.  Don’t forget your best camera – it’s Disney World! The pictures are going to be precious memories for years to come. Make sure you get pictures with characters & your group in front of everything (as a whole AND individually). You’ll want mementos from this trip for years down the road when your children don’t want to go anymore!

More Tips to Know How to Survive Disney World With Your Kids​

6.  Bring light snacks like chips, crackers, and granola bars for snack time because most hotels charge an arm & a leg for food at the pool, or at least they used to!

7.  To dress up your little boy, you can get him a pair of cargo shorts and any cute Disney tee. You’ll be able to tuck the shirt into his shorts, leaving one leg out on each side (one for each park), and zip the shorts at the bottom! It’s super easy & fun!

8.  Bring an empty plastic ziplock bag – you will fill it with loot from Mickey! Who wouldn’t want a Donald Duck Pez dispenser? Or autograph book pages? The possibilities are endless.

9.  Goofy Golf has really new, fun mini-golf courses that have all sorts of activities like putting around a cactus field & avoiding gators!

10.  This is a vacation to spend with your family doing something special that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives! You’re in the most magical place on Earth – who cares if it’s 90 degrees outside or there are 3 hours of lines?! It’s totally worth it. You will create memories & make funny stories in the future about getting lost in the Magic Kingdom, waiting hours for buttery popcorn, and riding Space Mountain over 20 times because “the line was so short!” Don’t stress out too much about planning everything up front… enjoy yourself during this trip! You can always go again next year 🙂

Tips for Visiting the Theme Parks:

1.  Stay at either a Resort Hotel or Downtown Disney – it’s a lot easier to get around if you’re staying somewhere on the property.

2.  Get to the park as early as possible! You will beat most of the crowds and be able to hit all your favorite rides first thing!

3.  If you must go during peak times such as Christmas break, try getting there at opening for the day & then leave around lunchtime – (my parents did this once on New Year’s Day). This way, they spent less time waiting in lines & more time enjoying their visit!

4.  Skip the parades & shows – especially if you’ve seen them many times before because they can take forever out of your day for no reason at all!

Other Suggestions to Enjoy Theme Parks

5.  The same goes for character meet & greets – they are fun, but unless it’s a rare occasion, I wouldn’t recommend waiting in long lines to see them. There are many times of the year where there aren’t any special characters around at all!

6.  Bring a water bottle that you can refill as soon as you get into the park for free and bring in with you while you’re there; so is sunscreen, hats, and bandannas! You will be eternally thankful for these items by day 2 or 3 when your skin feels like leather and no one else has anything on their face because they never reapply it!

7.  Bring snacks (I mean this quite literally, haha) – you may want to have a sandwich or something small for lunch once you are in the parks that day because more often than not, restaurants can take upwards of 1.5 hours to get your food! Unless you’re willing to spend an arm & two legs on food, just stay away from the restaurants and bring snacks in with you!

8.  Stick with one park a day – when it gets close to closing time, head back to your hotel or eat dinner before heading out again because there is nothing worse than being stuck at Disney World at night! Everyone has their own threshold of what they’re willing to endure, so my advice is just to be aware that most people that go into the parks after 6 or 7 p.m. will usually mutter, swear and complain about their trip. That is not the way you want to end your vacation!

Tips for Visiting Downtown Disney:


1.  How to survive Disney World with your kids? Remember that Downtown Disney is not in any way related to the theme parks. Most people go here for shopping & snacks, but there are also a few restaurants like House of Blues & Rainforest cafe (those are worth going to!) as well as a Broadway show called “Beauty & The Beast”… I’ve seen it twice now and both times have been incredible!

2.  Take advantage of free parking – if you’re staying at one of the hotels on the property, you can park for free at Downtown Disney overnight, so you don’t have to worry about getting back in line for parking or paying for valet.

3.  Get your Disney Dining Plan & use it! You may be tempted to pay out of pocket and get a “better” meal, but you’re wasting your time with that attitude; the restaurants are pretty much all the same (you’re at Disney World after all, right?) so just get in line and enjoy some good food while you’re there instead of being picky about quantities, flavors, etc…

Best Thing to Do in Downtown Disney

4.  Staying on the property means you can come back to Downtown Disney after a long day in the parks – sometimes you just need a quick snack or bathroom break before heading over for Illuminations!

5.  If staying off property, then take advantage of being able to walk over by going about 30 minutes before closing time; you will beat the rush of people heading out at the same time!

6.  If you do end up staying off property, then you may want to rent a car for the duration of your trip so that way, if needed, you can drive around and find lower prices on things instead of paying $4 per person to take a bus. Bonus: it’s nice to be able to venture around Orlando & see all that we have to offer!

Tips for Visiting Typhoon Lagoon Water Park :

1.  Bring snorkeling equipment because goggles don’t cut it when swimming with sharks!!… Just kidding, but some floatation devices or large inner tubes will be very useful. What other ways on how to survive Disney World with your kids?

2.  Bring swim gloves (they have tons of fish in the water, so there’s a lot of algae!), or you may end up with some nasty rashes!

3.  Be like Mikey and put your hands on Mickey’s ears – it works wonders on cooling off & reminds you that even though this is an all-inclusive park, Disney still puts their own touch into everything!

4.  Enjoy the lazy river – I mean, seriously, why wouldn’t you? Even when people think they are “too cool” to enjoy something like that they find themselves bobbing along with a smile on their face within 20 minutes, no questions asked 🙂

Good to Know About Lagoon Water Park

5.  Remember to check out the Surf Pool, you can walk around a bit, but lifeguards are usually on patrol, so make sure to listen for whistles and get out of the way if necessary.

6. How to survive Disney World with your kids? If you have small children, then this is a great water park because it’s only slightly bigger than Disney World’s Small World ride! It doesn’t take long to navigate, and kids will love how easy it is to understand. There are some extreme rides inside, like Crush, that may be too high for little ones, but there are plenty of places where they can test their bravery level.

7.  Don’t forget about Adventure Island – another great thing about Typhoon Lagoon is that there are quite a few different ways to enjoy yourself throughout the day.

8.  Remember that it’s not just about the rides – although some people may be tempted to hop from attraction to attraction, there is a lot of fun in simply laying out on some lounge chairs and letting time pass you by!

Tips for Visiting Blizzard Beach Water Park :

1.  Riding a ski lift might sound like it would be really cool, but if you get motion sickness, then I would avoid this ride at all costs! If you have ever been on Pirates of the Caribbean, then I’m sure you can imagine how painful this could be…

2.  Just because this is an indoor park doesn’t mean it won’t close down early due to lightning – if the rain starts or thunder rolls, then leave immediately! Water and electricity do not mix!!

3.  How to survive Disney World with your kids? Be prepared to get wet! If you don’t want to risk getting a sunburn or getting your hands pruned, then bring some covers, either a big poncho, umbrella, full-body swimsuit (yes, they exist!) whatever works for you – just make sure it will cover you up in case of a downpour.

5.  Don’t miss out on the slides that aren’t extreme; sometimes people forget that this park has options other than Summit Plummet & my personal favorite: Melt-Out (which is, by the way, the world’s highest free-fall slide!)

6.  Set aside some time to swim in a wave pool, especially if you are visiting during the summer months of July & August! It will be less busy than Blizzard Beach, and with all of the other fun activities throughout this park – you could pass out from exhaustion and not have a care in the world 🙂

Tips for Visiting Disney Springs (Formerly Downtown Disney):

1.  If you are looking for a place to get away from all of your worries, then head on over to Splitsville Luxury Lanes! There is usually live music playing, so it’s sure to make your night that much more memorable. You can grab food here too, but I would personally recommend taking a stroll through the rest of Disney Springs for some unique and delicious options.

2.  Take pictures with your favorite characters at Walt Disney World’s newest shopping center, The Landing! You can get life-like photos taken with one of Disney’s finest, which will surely make great keepsakes from this wonderful place. You can find some good deals here too, usually on t-shirts because they can be found everywhere else in the parks! There are also some really neat handmade items so if you are into art (or know someone that is!), then definitely check out The Artist’s Way!

Disney Springs Pointers

3.  Do not underestimate the importance of booking an ADR( Advanced Dining Reservation ) – unless you want to wait 2 hours in line for popular restaurants like The Boathouse, you will have to schedule a reservation. You can make them up to 60 days in advance, and they are available 180 days from when you want to eat at your selected restaurant.

4.  Do not get overwhelmed by all of the choices that Disney Springs has to offer! There are some really great places here, so be sure to explore Walt Disney World’s Floridian shopping district because it is truly a sight for sore eyes!

5.  If you are into photography, then I would definitely suggest taking a walk down the boardwalk – with all of the beautiful architecture surrounding this area, you will never know what kind of creative photos you could take! (especially if you have a good camera!)

Tips for Visiting the Magic Kingdom (Home of Cinderella’s Castle):

1.  Weigh your options between getting a FastPass+ or just walking onto any attraction…if you want to spend more time in line, then definitely use the FastPasses, but if it is a hot day and you do not want to be outside that long, then go for the walk-ons! There are some great attractions like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and of course Peter Pan’s Flight, all of which will have short lines during most times throughout the day.

2.  How to survive Disney World with your kids? Be sure to pack some snacks because there are no vending machines or food vendors inside of The Magic Kingdom itself – unless they are special events that are going on, you will have to walk over to the nearest gift shop and purchase your food for the inside of the park.

Tricks Visiting the Park

3.  Be sure to take pictures with some of the hidden Mickey’s throughout Walt Disney World! They’re literally everywhere, so keep your eyes peeled because they’ll be along ride lines, in front of buildings, etc.

4.  The best time to go on Splash Mountain is first thing in the morning as well as right before nightfall; this way, there won’t be any wait at all, and you can just jump right on it without having to worry about FastPass+ or whether or not it is a hot day (because if it is then, I hope you brought water shoes because those boats get WET!)

5.  If you are into art and or photography, then I would suggest walking down Main Street, which leads to Cinderella’s Castle; this is where they have the parade, so just go early in the morning and be prepared for some long lines because people will be sure to want a good spot for pictures.

Tips for Visiting EPCOT (Home of Spaceship Earth):

1.  Start your day off with a character breakfast at The Garden Grill Restaurant. You can meet Mickey, Pluto, Chip n Dale, and many other characters! This dining experience is great because it immerses you in nature as well as gives you time with all of these great characters that may not be available during your day at Epcot.

2.  Head to Mission Space first because it is a bit of a wait, but the line does move along pretty quickly. It is definitely one of the most popular rides in all of Walt Disney World, so you’re sure to see lots of friends and or family members there!

Home of Spaceship Earth

3.  If your kids like dinosaurs, then head over to The Land! There are some really neat exhibits here as well as a film about how humans affect our planet Earth’s environment and what we can do in order to better it; if this sounds boring, then I would recommend heading over to Spaceship Earth immediately after so that way you could avoid getting caught up in any lines on either end!

4.  Go ahead and book a FastPass+ for The Seas with Nemo and Friends because this ride is one of the most popular, and it’s in a really great location – right next to the Greek Mythology Exhibit!

5.  Don’t forget about the beautiful walking path that takes you around World Showcase Lagoon; go early in the morning if your feet aren’t too tired from all of the walkings throughout Epcot!

These are just a few things that you can do to make your trip to Disney World with your kids a successful one. I hope that this has helped!

By Geoffrey Gilles

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