How to Surviving Hosting a Kids’ Party

How to Surviving Hosting a Kids’ Party

How to surviving hosting a kids’ party? It’s your turn to host a kids’ party! You’re feeling confident and prepared.- you’ve been reading up on the best foods to serve, games for every age group, and activities that will keep everyone engaged. But then it all goes wrong. The cake falls on the ground. One of your guests spills their juice everywhere. Or someone gets into everything they shouldn’t be in. Don’t worry! We have some tips to help you survive hosting a kid’s party. One of our top pieces of advice is getting good insurance! Not only should this protect against accidents like what happened at your last event. But it also helps cover damages from other sources such as power outages or natural disasters. Just make sure to read through all the fine print. So you know what’s covered. 

If You’re Hosting a Big Event, Make Sure to Share Your Shopping List With Others Who Are Helping Out

That way you’ll have one less thing to worry about, and you can enjoy the party too! It’s fun to throw a themed party but when it comes time for cleanup, choose something quick and easy to clean up, like using giant sidewalk chalk or setting up outdoor games. There are tons of options available at most retail stores- just do some research before choosing your theme! One last tip is bringing along a cheat sheet for your guests that has all the dos and don’ts written down clearly. We recommend keeping this on an index card in your front pocket, so it’s easy to access throughout the party

Ready to Throw the Best Kids’ Parties Yet?

We hope so! And don’t forget to take a look at our book 6 Easy Steps for Kids’ Parties if you need some extra guidance. You’ll find that everything from setup to cleanup is broken down into ten easy steps, so you can feel confident about your next event, all while having fun with the kiddos!

Whether you’re hosting a kids’ birthday party or just trying to keep the little ones entertained at your house, you want the day to be enjoyable for both guests and parents. Follow these tips from our party experts as well as pros from Disney Parks who’ve hosted dozens of kid parties to help make your next shindig a success.

1. Set the Stage at Home First

Whether you’re expecting guests at your house or hosting the party in a park, it’s always good to have things set up ahead of time, so when it comes time for your theme party, you can just let the fun begin! Before the guest of honor arrives, ask friends and family members (and perhaps even neighbors) to help out with setting up some decorations like balloons and streamers. Decorating for kids’ parties should be easy and fun since most items such as streamers can be reused from one get-together to another. Consider using themed tableware for food and drink stations, too, as it will help keep everything in its place when it comes time to clean up.

2. Invite Lots of Kids!

Kids can get bored pretty easily, so make sure you invite lots of guests to the party to avoid an afternoon spent playing video games in silence. It’s always nice to have a good mix of younger and older kids at a party; that way, the little ones will have someone their age to play with while the big kids can help supervise the smaller kiddos and keep things fun and safe. When planning your birthday party invite list, ask parents how many children they’re bringing along. This makes sure you build a party that fits comfortably into your space without overcrowding or feeling too empty in spots. Also, consider sending out candy invitations for kids’ birthday parties — they can be handed out to guests as they enter the event, and they usually generate excitement about what’s to come.

3. Make Your Guests Feel Special

A mixture of treats (and perhaps a bit of bribery!) is always good when planning a party. It helps keep guests engaged in activities while encouraging new playmates to follow along with games and activities. Consider making popcorn wands or any other treat that comes on a stick—kids love ’em! To make your guests feel special (and encourage them to wear their costumes), consider having some sweets or small toys available just for those who show up dressed as their favorite Disney characters. You can also give each guest a bag with a sticker, a temporary tattoo, or anything else that will have them feeling like a VIP as soon as they walk through the door.

4. Include Games & Activities to Keep Guests Happy

Whether it’s party games for kids or fun activities for kids, there are many ways to keep your guests occupied without relying on technology—Plan creative and interactive games with an end goal in mind (all players win!). Watch out: these activities might seem more difficult than they really are at first glance—trust us, we’ve done them all before (from blindfolded food-eating races to musical chairs). And don’t forget about the good ol’ standby: pin the tail on the donkey! A great alternative for parties in parks is the “It’s a Small World” game. On the ride, guests can follow along with a customized album. As they complete the activities in each ride sequence, they get to put stickers on their personalized booklets.

5. Help Guests Stay Organized

Keep party favors simple by giving out small toys that kids won’t be carrying around after the day is over—stickers and temporary tattoos are favorites. However, there’s always good old-fashioned candy as well! It’s also helpful to give guests small envelopes or Ziploc bags in which they can keep their goodies, so there isn’t any extra mess at the end of the party (or afterward). You should also encourage parents to remind their little ones to keep the favors with them when they leave the party, as it’s hard to know what will happen once a child leaves your care. Additionally, you can put together a favor box that all guests can share while waiting for the festivities to start—stickers, bubbles, or other small toys are good starting points.

6. Have Fun!

The most important thing to remember while you’re planning for any birthday party is… don’t get too stressed! While kids’ birthday parties are often seen as a chore by parents and caregivers, they can be loads of fun if you approach them in the right way (and keep it simple). There are a couple of examples of things that might stress out adults but kids love: taking photos with their favorite character and getting a ride in a limousine!

Thank you for reading. I hope that these tips help you to be a successful party host.

By Geoffrey Gilles

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