Include These Games In Your Gender Reveal

Include These Games in Your Gender Reveal

A gender reveal party is a party where the parents find out their child’s gender. This is usually done with either a cake or balloons. The gender reveal game is played at the party, and the guests have to guess what color of cake will be revealed. Include these games in your gender reveal:


It’s possible to make cornhole games stay on theme with minimal effort. You can throw bags that will explode on impact with a cloud of dust representing the gender of the soon-to-be baby.


Fill a pinata in the selected party theme (blue or pink) with candy and let everyone take turns smashing it open after some pre-game celebration drinks.


Beer Pong ( Gender Reveal Edition )

You’ve played beer pong at parties. The concept is simple: Set up cups in a triangle formation on each end of the table. When you make it into one of an opponent’s cups, they have to chug their contents. For a gender variation, use pink and blue (non-alcoholic) punch instead.

Pin the Pacifier on the Baby Doll

If you hire an artist they could draw it up for you. Just be sure to give them enough in advance so they don’t have to rush. You can also buy it online or at your local party store for about $10.

Thank you again for reading this article. I hope that you found some excellent ideas for your party! If you enjoyed this, please share it and invite your friends to come and take a look.

By Rosa Norris

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