Pregnancy Prep: The Ultimate Guide to a Delightful Home

Pregnancy Prep: The Ultimate Guide to a Delightful Home

Pregnancy prep: The ultimate guide to a delightful home. The home is the first space that a growing family will share. It’s where you’ll build your memories and spend most of your time together as a new family unit. You want to make it a place where everyone feels comfortable, relaxed, and happy. To do this, we have put together an ultimate guide for preparing your home for pregnancy so you can enjoy these nine months of expectancy with peace of mind!

The Ultimate Guide to a Delightful Home, the First Step Is to Declutter and Organize

Now that we’ve covered the basics with decluttering and organizing let’s move on to how to really tie together all those details for a healthy environment throughout those nine months.

It will feel like a daunting task, but the more you do it now, the easier your life becomes during pregnancy. You can also leverage this opportunity as an excuse to tidy up things that have been piling up in other areas of your home or office space!

The Following Items Are Essential:


They not only smell wonderful, but they also create ambiance, so pregnant mamas don’t need bright lights shining down at them. Plus, studies show they increase feelings of well-being, calm, and relaxation.

Essential Oils

These have been used for centuries to promote wellness in the home. Choose a scent that is calming or uplifting depending on what you need at this moment in time.

White Noise App

Listening to white noise can help pregnant mothers sleep more soundly, and it will be soothing for the baby after those long nine months, too!

Air Purifier

We recommend investing in an air purifier because we all know how hard pregnancy hormones make it to keep our homes clean without using harsh chemicals.

Here Are Some Other Recommendations if Your Budget Allows Them

But remember, they’re not necessary early on when most of us just want everything ready upfront with as little fuss as possible.

Aromatherapy diffuser

This is a great way to add some relaxing scents into the air without having them overpower your space.

Changing Pad Cover & Throw Blanket

You will need this for that first baby’s nursery (if you have one), and it’s always good to have an extra in reserve just in case!

Breastfeeding Pillow

Used for feeding or propping up when sitting, these pillows are lifesavers during those long months of breastfeeding. Some moms even find they’re still using their boppy years later because it can be used as a chair cushion too!

Crib Mattress Protector/Cotton Sheet Set With Bumper Pads

 If you plan on buying a crib mattress, these are essential. Plus, when the baby is born, you can just move the pads to cover up and protect that new little one’s bedding too!

Clean Your Refrigerator

Throw out any spoiled food or beverages, clean the shelves with an all-purpose cleaner, then wipe dry. Put a new seal on the door and discard old containers that can’t go in it anymore (e.g., margarine tubs). If you suspect someone has been storing medication at room temperature in there before pregnancy, make sure they are discarded as well. Take needed medications from the refrigerator into medicine cabinets if available–many medications need refrigeration after opening, but many don’t; check labels carefully! Store potentially hazardous foods like meats and cheeses below 40F/40C where possible by wrapping them tightly in plastic wrap and keep them on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator.


If You Have Already Started to Paint a Room or Are Painting It During Pregnancy, Make Sure That You Use Lead-Free Paints

 If pregnant mothers inhale lead fumes (lead is found in some older paints) when they’re pregnant, it can cause serious birth defects–and these problems often don’t show up until years later! You may want to consider using an organic primer if possible for even more peace of mind. Â Also, be sure not to sand drywall before painting: The dust from sanding contains high levels of asbestos, which can enter through mucous membranes like those lining the nose and mouth; this could also harm unborn babies’ lungs and brain.

Avoid Getting New Furniture or Carpets During Pregnancy, as They Can Contain Chemicals That Could Be Harmful to the Baby

If you’re about to get a couch but haven’t yet found out if you will be having a girl (or boy), we recommend waiting on it until after the birth, so your caller knows what color she’ll need! To minimize exposure these chemicals may produce in utero and breastfeed, try choosing other materials instead like wood, metal, cotton cloths/fabrics with natural fibers from organic sources. We also recommend not changing bedding often while pregnant: The dust mites are bad enough for us–imagine what they do to babies!

Throughout the article, we have given some tips on how to prepare your home for pregnancy. We recommend following our advice in preparing your home for pregnancy because it will make it easier on you…

By Geoffrey Gilles

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