Road Trip Games to Play With Kids and Why They’re Important

Road Trip Games to Play With Kids and Why They’re Important

As summer approaches, many families are planning to take a road trip. Road trips can be fun and exciting. But they also present unique challenges for parents who want to keep their kids entertained during the long hours on the road. If you’re looking for some games that will help pass the time. And build family connections while driving down the open highway. This blog post is for you! Here are the road trip games to play with kids and why they’re important:

I Spy

We’ll start off with the classic game of I Spy. This is a great game for kids who are old enough to be quiet while playing since they have to use their eyes. And point out things that you see from your side of the car. You can also play this with adults by asking them how many objects they spy during one trip down the road (or even two!). When we’re exhausted, some moms may find themselves saying “I Spy” and then falling asleep. 

What’s in My Bag?

 Provides an opportunity for children to share stories. Stories about what was packed in their bag or backpack without having any preconceived ideas about what might come up! It also gives parents an idea of what games and toys need more attention on our next shopping trip at Target or Walmart. 

Travel Bingo

This is where a fun word game like “Travel Bingo” can be helpful. You just need to make sure all the letters are present in your car or truck!

There’s no end to the creativity that parents and kids alike can use when making up their own games while traveling on long trips. But we hope this list will give you some ideas. For how to keep your family entertained together during these summer adventures.

You may be wondering where to start when it comes to finding good games for kids on the road. Here are some of our favorite resources:


The AARP, which is an organization devoted to providing information. And advocacy on behalf of Americans over 50 years old. They have a list of 101 travel ideas with 44 specific activities. That range from day trips within driving distance or just hours away by car, train, plane, or even boat! With so many distractions available nowadays, they also offer tips for keeping older children engaged in their surroundings while traveling together as a family. For example, one idea is “Play tourist at home”. By visiting interesting places near your city such as museums, zoos, etc., if you’re not ready yet for an extended trip.

It has a list of games for kids on the road that are meant to help parents talk with their children. Talk about safety issues while driving, such as seat belt use, headrests, etc. One game is called “What do you see?” and it’s perfect if your little ones. If they need something more exciting than car rides or conversations about basic traffic rules! It also provides an opportunity for children to share stories about what they have seen out the window. Without having any preconceived ideas about what might come up in this one-question game.

The Parenting Blog

And finally, we recommend visiting The Parenting Blog. Where there’s always advice from experienced moms and dads who know how important family time can be during all stages of life. They have a great post about fun games to play in the car with kids. – And they also make it clear that parents should not feel guilty. For having their own needs met, such as catching some sleep while on the road.


By Geoffrey Gilles

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