Save Time With 10 Powerful Life Hacks!

Save Time With 10 Powerful Life Hacks!

It’s no secret that life is full of challenges. It can be hard to keep up with work, family, and whatever else life throws at you. But what if there were some simple things you could do to make your life a little bit easier? Life hacks are exactly that- tricks for making your everyday tasks much less difficult. Save time with 10 powerful life hacks:

  • Keep a pack of dryer sheets in your car for pet hair removal.
  • Use a timer to remind yourself when you should be getting off the phone, or on social media. (We recommend “20/30” rule: spend 20 minutes networking and 30 seconds tweeting.)
  • Store all items that are currently needed in the room you are in.
  • Keep a binder with all your go-to recipes, so that when it’s time to cook dinner, you have everything at hand!
  • Invest in some string for hanging pictures on the wall without using nails or hooks–no more holes and marks left behind! (We recommend “S-hooks” for a quick and easy solution!)

Other Ways to Save Time With 10 Powerful Life Hacks:

  • Have two different outfits ready at the beginning of each day, then wear them out and back! Twice as fast, twice as fashionable. 😉
  • Use an old tote bag as a catchall for items that you don’t need at the moment.
  • Put your keys on your nightstand or next to the door, so they are easier to find in the morning!
  • Keep scissors handy by storing them in a pencil cup!
  • Use old socks or tights to keep your cords organized and untangled.

These are just some of the life hacks that we use every day, but there are many more out there!

By Geoffrey Gilles

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