The Wrong Way to Reward Your Puppy

The Wrong Way to Reward Your Puppy

What is the wrong way to reward your puppy? Recently, I’ve been seeing many people giving their puppies treats whenever they do something good. I was wondering when is it appropriate to give our pets treats? The answer is not as simple as you may think.

Treats Reward the Behavior You Want to See Repeatedly

If a dog is in the house and barks, we give him treats. As a way of telling him that he was good behaving himself when he stopped barking. This is a great way to train your pet if done correctly. Treats are used to say thank you for something nice. “Thanks for not peeing on the carpet”. Charms are used to distract an anxious pet from something scary. Like thunderstorms or fireworks.

Giving Your Dog Treats for Doing Something Good Seems Like a Good Idea

But when you think about it, there is a problem with this practice. If we give our dog a treat for doing something good, Like coming when called or sitting before getting a pleasure. We reward our dog for not doing those things. If you give your dog a treat. Every time he sits and then calls him to come and he doesn’t sit to get the pleasure. All of a sudden, it wasn’t such a good idea to sit. It becomes a hassle to get your pet into a sitting position whenever you want him to come. And he expects she treats him every time.


There Are Two Ways That Trainers Use Treats in Training

That brings me back to the original question about when it’s appropriate to give your dog treats. There are two ways that trainers use treats everyday life with their puppies.

The First and Best Way Is to Use Treats to Shape a Behavior

Until the dog is performing correctly, on his own without being bribed with treats. This is done by giving your pet pleasure after doing what you want him to do. Or predicting that he will do it. The goal of this type of training and rewarding is to have your dog perform the behavior independently. Without you having to bribe him with treats.

The Second Way Is to Reward Your Pet for Performing the Correct Behavior

This is done by giving a treat or rewarding your pet only after doing what you want him to do. The goal of this type of training and rewarding is to get your dog to perform the behavior independently. When he is performing correctly without bribing him with treats, you no longer have to reward him with treats for doing what you want, but he can still get goodies when you give them as a compliment or just because.

If the reason you are giving treats to your dog is that he’s doing something good or preventing him from doing something terrible, then you should rethink what you are rewarding. It may be a better idea to stop bribing your pet with treats and work on having him do things independently. This will make training less frustrating for both of you.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Please feel free to share with friends and family who also have puppies.

By Rosa Norris

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