Why Do I Get So Emotional?

Why Do I Get So Emotional?

Why do I get so emotional? Sometimes, we all get so emotional, even if we do not want to. Some people might be tempted to say that it is because you are too sensitive for your good. But in reality, there are several reasons why this could happen to you. Below are some possible causes for becoming overly emotional when you need to keep calm.

(1) Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety is a kind of physical stress that you feel inside your body, manifesting as quickly becoming emotional. You might cry when someone tramples on your toes accidentally. Or before a test because you are afraid it will happen again. That would be an example of the former, while the test could be your fear of failing the test. Or making you feel that you are not good enough.

(2) You Need to Let Out Your Emotions

If you don’t calm yourself down, you may take your anger and frustration out on innocent people around you. That can be very dangerous for those involved, so it’s best to let them out somewhere. This is why teachers often tell you to take a break if you are upset. And come back when you have calmed down.

(3) You Are Too Sensitive

Sometimes, this does happen in reality, but that can also be just one part of the story. Occasionally, we get emotionally upset. Because we are hypersensitive, but we try to rationalize it, so we don’t have to feel that way. In those cases, even if you are the most sensitive person ever and cry over a commercial on TV. You should still not be ashamed of your actions because it is just part of who you are. However, being overly emotional can also mean that you have a mental illness. It is advised that you do not ignore your feelings, but discuss them with someone who can help you out.

(4) You Have Low Self-Esteem

Many people will say that those with low self-esteem need to fix their attitude, and while they’re not wrong in saying that, it is just an easy way out of the situation. In reality, if someone has low self-esteem, they have low self-esteem in all aspects of their life. So maybe you do feel inadequate about yourself in some ways but not others. That means that while your self-doubts won’t hinder your performance at work and studying, your relationships will be. Most of the time, those with low self-esteem are also bad at communicating their emotions and don’t have many friends. Maybe after you finish reading this article, you should talk to someone who seems to understand your feelings, even if it is just a stranger on the street.

(5) You Are Stressed

 If you don’t think this applies to you because your life is perfect, then more power to you. In reality, though, very few people have it easy in life, and so sometimes all the stress builds up inside us until one tiny thing pushes us over the edge. The best way to prevent this from happening is to learn how to calm yourself down. Yoga can help you out with your emotions, and even a hot shower before bed will help you relax and get a good night’s rest, making it easier for you to wake up the next day.

(6) You Are Scared

Many things can be scary to us, and you might find them hard to cope with. For example, if you have a fear of snakes, then you will not want to be around one, despite how nice it looks. That is because your brain immediately triggers the fear response and makes you feel uncomfortable or even terrified around the snake. Maybe, when you were just a baby, there was someone who kept putting a giant hairy spider near your face, and so now that is something you become fearful of. Even if they looked cool, it’s hard to get rid of that reaction. Sometimes, it gets so bad that your brain starts imagining things that will make you uncomfortable. If you ever say to yourself, “I’m crazy,” then remember that if others don’t understand, it’s probably because they’re not trying too hard.

Some People Might Never Be Able to Get Over Their Fears and Will Need Treatment

However, you can always give it a try first before going straight to the professionals. For example, if spiders scare you, you could play some video game where spiders are your enemies and see if that makes them less scary.

So what do all of these mean? They’re simply an explanation for why you are having an emotional outburst. Remember that whatever it is that makes you upset, there will be someone else who feels the same way as you do, and if you ask them, they can help you out with your emotions. If not them, then maybe a counselor would give you some advice on how to control yourself from becoming emotional. 

By Geoffrey Gilles

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