You’re Better Than This!

You’re Better Than This!

A clean and organized home is a very important part of living. This article will go over the best ways to keep your entire home, including your bathroom, kitchen, and living room, in tiptop shape. You’re better than this!

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

A clean and fresh smelling bathroom is an important part of a well-organized home. Keeping it clean, not only makes it noticeably more inviting than one that smells like the backside of a skunk, but it also helps keep diseases at bay. To keep your bathroom stain free and fresh smelling:

  • If you have a shower with a door, keep it closed. When you aren’t using it. To prevent the spread of mold and mildew
  • If you have a bathtub or Jacuzzi, use white vinegar and water in place of bubble bath. And other scented products. It is much cheaper than most options out there, but still keeps your tub clean and smelling fresh.
  • If you have a tub with a door, keep it closed. When you aren’t using it to prevent the spread of mold and mildew. Running water in your tub can help prevent buildup of nasty things like mold and mildew. It is better to do this than using bleach. Or other harsh cleaning products on them. Because they are porous surfaces that can harbor viruses and increase your risk of developing issues like asthma.

Other Bathroom Tricks

  • Use bathtub mats to prevent messes on the floor that come from water splashing out of tubs. They also help keep your tub cleaner, as hair and debris collect in them. Instead of the tub where they can become moldy or mildewed
  • Before using any cleaning products, read the labels. Even products that are natural and organic can contain ingredients that irritate people with allergies or sensitive skin
  • Keep your air vents clean. The buildup of dust, dander, and dirt in them causes them to become clogged which leads to less airflow for you and makes keeping a clean home more difficult. You should vacuum the vents out each month, and clean them with a soft cloth or paintbrush soaked in warm water and vinegar. Dry it thoroughly before putting it back into the vent.

Using these tips will help keep your bathroom fresh smelling all day long that will make visitors feel welcome when they come over and helps you fight germs. Keeping your bathroom clean is an important part of keeping your home clean.

The Right Way to Get Stains Out of Clothing.

Nothing is more unpleasant than a piece of clothing with an unsightly stain on it, whether it be from food or something else. Clothing can often retain odors after a spill or some other mishap, but there are ways to remove them that don’t involve throwing away an old shirt or pair of jeans.

The Best Way to Get Out Stains Is To:

  • Wash the stained clothing as soon as possible after the stain occurs. Rest assured that you can always dye your clothes if they are ruined. From a stain you cannot remove. If you wash them quickly, it will also help keep lingering odors from developing
  • Use cold water when washing clothing that has a stain on it. Hot water opens up fibers making them more susceptible to staining and damage while warm or cool water will help keep colors sharp and prevent stretching. Coldwater is also less likely to fade fabrics like dyes, natural dyes, or bleach. Using warm or hot water can shrink fabrics
  • Zap stubborn stains with high-powered bursts of water from a spray bottle. This works especially well for grass and blood stains. Fill a spray bottle with warm water, then use it to spray the stain before washing it out again. This helps remove some of the stain’s deep set in dyes that normal laundering wouldn’t reach.


Other Ways to Remove the Hard Stains

  • Don’t use regular detergent to wash the clothing with a stain on it. Instead, you should use a laundry product like Zout. That is specifically made to address stains. Without adding extra dyes. Or chemicals that can hurt your skin. You should treat any stained clothing gently. Anyway, but these products are specially formulated for sensitive fabrics
  • If you use an iron on any stained area of clothing, make sure to do it on a low setting after it has completely dried. This will help keep the stain from setting in deeper
  • Never use bleach on any clothing that is stained. Or bleach could cause the dye to fade and leave a spotty appearance. You should also never put bleached clothing in with colors because it can cause them to fade as well
  • If you accidentally wash a colored (not white) load of laundry with a white load, the whites will turn dingy. To fix it, put all of the clothing in a clear garbage bag and then throw in four scoops (about one cup) or OxiClean with some warm water. Tie up the top and leave it for a couple hours. When you take out the clothes, they should look bright and white again.
  • If you spill something on your clothing while wearing it, try blotting it off with paper towels instead of washing it out right away. It is important to remove as much of the stain as possible before washing. So that less residue is left behind. Which can lead to more staining in the future.

Get Your Living Room in Shape.

You clean your living room by vacuuming the floors, dusting all of the surfaces, and making sure everything looks nice and tidy. Sometimes, though a living room can still feel cramped and crowded even after you’ve cleaned it.

How to Keep Your Living Room Looking Neat:

  • Use Pictures for Decoration First! Hang pictures where they can be seen from multiple points in your living room. This will make the whole place look more open and spacious, making everything seem farther apart from each other. You can also hang mirrors along with your pictures to reflect light throughout the entire area!
  • Optimize Room Size: To make a small living room look bigger, you should arrange furniture in such a way that there are always pathways that run from the entrance way to any other part of the room. Also, make sure that doorways into your living room look wider than they are by filling them out with furniture or decorations.
  • For a more cozy feel, spread larger items (like couches) across the back two thirds of your living room and keep smaller accent pieces closer to the entryway. Or you could do the opposite and use a sectional or other furniture pieces with multiple seating areas. You can also have two different sofas in your living room to make it feel more spacious while still having enough seating for everyone

Other Ways to Organize Your Living Room

  • Hide Your Electronics: If your electronics are on display, they will eat up precious space that could be used for more seating or decorations! However, you can still enjoy your electronics by using a media cabinet to conceal them. Instead of placing it against the wall, put your media cabinet in a corner so that there is floor space all around it not taken up by the television. If your television is on top of the cabinet, you can also hang pictures above it to fill in space.
  • Finally, always keep one side of your television free from decorations so that you can see what is playing clearly
  • Update Your Living Room with Plants and Flowers: (Or other living decorations) Living room plants are not just for decoration but also have a great calming effect! Plus they add a little extra life to your room and making it seem a little more welcoming

The living room is the first thing that guests visit when they enter your home. It should be clean, inviting, and visually appealing!

Family interaction

Cleaning Your Kitchen

Keeping a clean kitchen is important in order to prevent harmful bacteria from growing and because it just looks gross! 

How to Keep Your Kitchen Looking Clean:

  • Cook Extra for Later: If you cook extra food, put the leftovers in containers or baggies so that you can easily reheat them later. This will save time and also make sure there is enough food around so you can always enjoy a healthy snack when it is convenient.
  • Clean Your Stove: Wipe down all surfaces on your stove at least once a week. If you have spills or splatters, do not try to wipe them off with paper towels! Instead, grab some baking soda and a mixture of warm water and vinegar and scrub the stains off.
  • Clean Your Fridge!   Keeping your fridge clean is another important step in keeping a clean kitchen. The best way to do this is throw away any food that has gone bad. Or make sure it can be eaten. Without cooking first. Be sure to also clean out your fridge on a weekly basis. And wipe down the shelves inside. So they don’t get too crowded. And only have enough room for your food.
  • Clean Your Outside Refrigerator Gasket: If you aren’t bringing in a coolant to keep your fridge cold, then this is especially important! Over time dirt, grime and even gross stains can build up here which will cause the fridge to not be able to efficiently cool your food. Instead of scrubbing it off with chemicals, a good tip is to get rubbing alcohol and water in equal amounts and just splash the mixture on the gasket! In only 20 minutes it will strip any grime away quickly

Other Kitchen Tricks:

  • Wash Your Dishes: This may seem obvious (especially considering this is about cleaning) but don’t forget to wash your dishes when they are dirty! It is a good idea to only fill your dishwasher half full so that you can always fit more and don’t have to run it every day.
  • When you cook, make sure you clean as you go by putting cutting boards in the sink while chopping vegetables or meat. Also if something falls on the floor, don’t ignore it but pick it up immediately and put in the trash!
  • If your sink has gone through a lot of use, try using baking soda to scrub off any tough stains that may have formed over time.
  • Keep Your Garbage Can Clean: You should also regularly wash out your garbage cans using soap and water and an old toothbrush. This will keep your kitchen fresh and free of bad smells!
  • Dusting is easy to put off, but you should try to dust at least once a week. Be sure that there are no cobwebs in your kitchen or any other living areas so that you don’t attract any bugs!

Hope you liked these tips and tricks, please share this with anyone that can use some help cleaning! You can also check how to make your office stylish

By Geoffrey Gilles

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